Packaging cable

As packaging machines become more intelligent, flexible, and capable, the demands placed on the wire and cable that power and control operations become more precise. For over 80 years, Alpha Wire has worked with the packaging industry, developing new and better products to boost performance and reliability. Our VFD and servo cables, hook-up wire, FIT® heat-shrink tubing, and FIT wire management accessories have played a significant role in advancing the reliability and performance of packaging equipment. Alpha offers cable from stock in most sizes and constructions, in a variety of packaging options, so you can order it when you need it and how you need it. Our products are available for same-day shipment to practically anywhere in the world, eliminating long lead times.

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  • Linear motion systems
  • High-speed servos
  • Dynamic braking
  • Variable-frequency drives
  • High-speed vision systems
  • Encoder/resolver applications
  • HMI and I/O


  • Case formers and case packers
  • Conveying systems
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Flow wrappers and bagging systems
  • Form fill and seal systems
  • High-speed bottling
  • Automated palletizers
Alpha Products Ideal For Packaging Equipment

SF Servo Series Variable-Frequency Drive
-Multi-axis control -Designed for extended duty cycle
-Resolver and encoder feedback -Low capacitance/improved signal transmission
-Dynamic braking -3- and 4-conductor versions
-High-flex applications -Motor supply cable also available
Xtra-Guard® Flex Series Industrial Series M, F, and P
-Long cycle life for high-speed flexing -For factory equipment control systems
-Supports pick and place robotics -Oil and chemical resistant
-Multiple sizes and conductor counts -Tray rated applications
-Outstanding EMI protection
Ethernet/DeviceNet/ControlNet/Industrial Twinax  
-High-speed connectivity solutions  
-Plug and play modularity  
-High-level signal integrity  


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