Wind Power

Renewable power from the wind,
Reliable cables from Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire offers cables with an unmatched combination of performance, reliability, and quality to keep turbines delivering energy day in and day out.

Xtra-Guard® 4   performance cable withstands the temperature extremes of the wind turbine environment. Its durable construction offers three times the low-temperature flexibility of ordinary PVC, provides good resistance to oils, solvents, chemicals, and fuels, and is approved for wind turbine tray cable (WTTC) applications.

Xtra-Guard Flex Torsion   cable withstands continuous flexing, including multiaxis torsional movements, making it an excellent choice for wind vanes and anemometers that experience random movement.

Xtra-Guard Flex Motor Supply   cable combines excellent flexibility in a tough abrasion and oil-resistant design with a diameter smaller than most comparable motor supply cables—making it well suited for the tight spaces in wind turbines for connecting AC drives, servo drives, and variable-frequency drives.

Series M  flexible control cables are used for stationary/cable tray and for light to moderate flexing applications. With MTW and WTTC approvals, Series M cables offer excellent resistance to oil, chemicals, and sunlight.

Series V VFD  cable is designed specifically for the needs of variable-frequency drives, combating the continuous dielectric stresses, with no degradation under heavy electrical load or voltage irregularities.

Instrumentation  cables are available in a wide range of configurations for monitoring and telemetry needs.


Xtra-Guard 4 Cable

Xtra-Guard High-Flex Torsion Cable 

Motor Supply Cable 

Series M Flexible Control Cable

Series V Cable

Instrumentation Cable

 Temperature Range  

 -50°C to 125°C  

 -30 to +80  

 25°C to +90°C  

 -25°C to +90°C  

 -25°C – +90°C  

 -20°C to +105°C (PLTC) -20°C to +90°C (TC)  

 Voltage Rating  







 Conductor Range  

 24 – 14 AWG  

 24 – 10 AWG  

 16 – 6 AWG  

 18 – 8 AWG  

 16 – 4/0 AWG  

 22 – 12 AWG  

 No. of Conductors  

 2 – 40 mulitconductor 1 – 27 pairs  

 3 – 7  


 3 – 65  

 4 4 + brake pair  

 1 – 35 pairs 1 – 8 triads  


 AWM Style20238 TC-ER (600 V) PLTC (300 V)  

 AWM 20234 MTW  

 TC-ER (600 V) MTW  

 TC-ER (600 V) MTW PLTC (300 V)  

 TC-ER (600 V) Flexible Motor Supply Cable (1000 V)  

 PLTC (300 V) TC (600 V)  

 WTTC Approval  








 AWM I/II A/B FT-1  

 AWM I/II A/B FT-1  

 AWM I/II A/B FT-4  



 CMG FT4  


 Unshielded Foil shield Supra-Shield foil/ braid shield  

 Unshielded Braid shield  

 Foil/braid shield  


 Foil/braid shield  

 Unshielded Foil shield Foil/braid shield  

 Oil Resistant  







 UV Resistant  







 Motor Size*  

 FHP to 12 hp  

 FHP to 20 hp  

 10 to 40 hp  


 10 to 175 hp  


Motor sizes are approximate and are based on 460V, 3 phase motors. Consult NEC Article 430 for sizing requirements.