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Alpha Wire Can Help You with Your VFD Cable Needs

Posted on Monday, August 25, 2014 by Justin Dubow

So we’ve talked about VFD systems, why it’s important to use VFD cables in motor applications, and now let’s discuss the most important decision; why you should choose Alpha Wire’s VFD cables.  Alpha Wire has developed two product lines for VFD cables, Series V and Series V-Flex. 

Series V cables for variable-frequency drives set the standard in high-performance and reliable connectivity. Their specially formulated cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation provides superior corona resistance, low capacitance for longer runs, and excellent low-temperature properties.  As mentioned in the previous blog, shielding is an important factor when it comes to VFD cables.  Series V cable has tightly fitted shielding in order to maintain strong signal strength along with several other key features and benefits.

Below are some key features for Series V VFD cables (3 & 4 conductor)

  • XLPE insulated ground stands up better than PVC insulated grounds in harsh VFD applications
  • Round geometry helps ensure a liquid-tight installation per IP67 or NEMA 6
  • Low-capacitance XLPE insulated conductors for improved signal transmission in extended cable runs
  • Resists potential effects of harmonics, power distortion, and transient noise
  • Outstanding oil, solvent, chemical, and fuel resistance
  • Double shielded for superior EMI performance and specially formulated XLPE conductor insulation will not degrade under heavy electrical load
  • Capable of handling the effects of wave reflections on long cable runs

Series V-Flex cables for variable-frequency drives are specifically designed to combat the problems of system performance and signal disruption while offering you increased flexibility to making cable routing faster and easier. The TPE jacket provides superior oil, chemical and solvent resistance while still being rugged enough for tough industrial applications and flexible enough to fit around tight corners during installation.

Below are some key features for Series V-Flex Flexible VFD cables

  • Unmatched flexibility compared to traditional VFD cables with a 5X Static Bend Radius
  • Rated for temperatures as low as -40°C
  • UL and CSA Tray Cable approved
  • XLPE conductor insulation does not degrade under heavy electrical load
  • Tightly fitted shielding system to maintain signal strength
  • Symmetrical geometry for uniform low capacitance electrical profile that allows for longer cable runs
  • Round geometry for liquid-tight installation per IP67 & NEMA 6
  • Superior resistance to hazardous fluids

VFD technology is all around, wherever there is a motor, you can supply that motor with VFD cable.  Alpha Wire has the solution to provide efficient and effective cables to your VFD application.


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