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Alternative Energy Technologies are Turning to More Efficient Wiring Solutions: Part 2

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 by Alpha Wire

The list of companies who have adopted a “green” standard practices is extensive and includes some heavy hitters like General Electric with their Ecomagination line of products, DuPont (reduced their greenhouse gas emissions), Pratt & Whitney (recycled metal for jet engine blades), and Dell, which lets its customers to recycle their old Dell products at no cost to the consumer.


It’s interesting to note that even the companies who manufacture the materials and components for some devices and appliances are adopting a similar green attitude. Wiring, for example, is one component of electronics that’s often overlooked by produce designers. It’s easy to think of wires and cables as non-consequential when it comes to manufacturing products or their makeup, but the insulation on those wires usually consists of some PVC-based material, which produces greenhouse gases when manufactured, and the wire casing can’t even be recycled. Think of the millions of miles of telephone and power lines as well as component connecting cables, and it quickly becomes a massive issue.


Alpha Wire designed its EcoGen product line of wires and cables with what we call mPPE insulation. The material is a modified polyphenylene ether thermoplastic, which is non-halogenated and uses no heavy-metal pigments. The specialized coating also offers resistance to solvents, oils, and fuels, making it exceptional for use in industrial environments where corrosion is a big issue. mPPE is also lighter and thinner than PVC insulation but still maintains the robust aesthetic of the traditional material. Alpha Wire’s EcoWire Plus is an efficient alternative to PVC wires due to its size, weight, and fluid resistance.  The end result is that the company’s EcoGen line of products offer better performance in a reduced package that’s environmentally friendly, which in a world where more people and countries are turning to alternative energy for power, is of significant importance.


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