More Choices for Cleanrooms

Posted on Monday, July 14, 2014 by Alpha Wire

Makers and users of semiconductor equipment are always trying to pack more capabilities into less space. Fabs are expensive and users want to use every square foot to maximum benefit. Thus, the relentless drive to lessen the footprint of equipment. With the industry now migrating from 300-mm to 450-mm wafers, space and weight savings loom even larger in new equipment. Paradoxically, the goal is to process larger wafers in smaller equipment.

Our cleanroom-certified Xtra-Guard® 5 cable has long been an outstanding choice for hazardous and contamination-sensitive environments. The low-outgassing FEP jacket offers maximum protection against chemical and temperature extremes. Often, however, the cable has been chosen for semiconductor applications solely for its space-saving diameter and not its other performance characteristics.

The introduction of our new EcoGen® families of wire and cable brings three critical features to semiconductor manufacturing: smaller size, lighter weight, and low outgassing—at a cost much lower than PTFE cables. Our EcoCable, for example, offers up to 65% small diameter, 45% lighter weight, and 87% lower outgassing than a comparable PVC cable.  That adds up to the ability to route up to twice as many wires or cables through a given area. And this can be accomplished without upgrading a cable tray to handle increased weight.

LSZH and Low Outgassing

The low-smoke, zero-halogen heat-shrink tubing is in stock and ready to help you meet such requirements as CA Prop 65 and RoHS. As the environmentally friendly choice—with no lead, no halogens, low smoke generation, and no toxic fumes—FIT-221L is the perfect complement to Alpha’s LSZH cable—making safety compliance easier.

FIT-221L also offers low outgassing, making it suited to semiconductor fabs, medical manufacturing, and space applications, where contamination from outgassing must be avoided.

FIT-221L is available in ten sizes ranging from 3/64” to 1” in diameter.

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