The Problem-Solving FIT-FILL Adhesive

Posted on Monday, April 20, 2015 by Hillary Riden

The launch of our FIT-FILL Adhesive was prompted by a customer who came to us with a challenge in their installation of heat-shrink tubing, requiring additional sealing of voids.  This particular application was for solar panels being installed along roadways; an outdoor application where ease of installation was key.  The problem came along when they stripped the jacket of a cable and broke out the conductors to attach to the panel.  They utilized heat-shrink tubing to bundle and secure these conductors but there was water seeping through the tubing into the jacket.  They needed something to fill in the voids and make for an additional water resistant seal.

To help our customer get the desired outcome from their installation we provided FIT-FILL Adhesive.  This bead-shaped, flame-retardant adhesive was easily dropped in the tubing to provide the desired coverage and water resistance the customer was looking for in this outdoor application.  FIT-FILL has a melting temperature of 90 degrees Celsius which made it easy for them to seal with existing heat-guns.

Alpha Wire is committed to helping our customers solve problems and provide the highest level of service.  If you are interested in trying our FIT heat-shrink tubing or FIT-FILL Adhesive, you can request a sample here.


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