Xtra-Guard 5 (MAX) Cable

Need maximum temperature and chemical resistance? Xtra-Guard 5 is what you need!

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 by Justin Dubow

There are many different factors to consider when selecting the right type of wire or cable for your application.  Two of the most important factors in cable selection are the temperature and chemical resistance of the environment where your cable will be operating. PVC-jacketed cables like Xtra-Guard 1 are suitable for use in temperatures from -30°C to +105°C, TPE-jacketed cables like Xtra-Guard 4 are suitable for use from -50°C to +125°C - but what options exist for temperature ranges even greater than these?  When your design has the most extreme temperature requirements, FEP is known to offer maximum performance with a range of -80°C to +200°C. 


Alpha Wire’s Xtra-Guard 5 cables are jacketed with a proprietary FEP material which offers this broad range of temperature resistance in addition to a host of other benefits. In addition to the wide range of temperature resistance, FEP also offers resistance against a very wide range of chemicals including solvents, acids, fuels, and water.  In addition, FEP offers a low-friction jacket for easy routing as well as outstanding UV light stability in all jacket colors.  Finally, Xtra-Guard 5 also offers excellent flame resistance and low smoke generation per NFPA 262-2007.


In summary, when you are designing a product for the most extreme environments, you need the most extreme cable. Look no further than Xtra-Guard 5.


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