Xtra-Guard 2 (AR)

The King of Abrasion Resistance: Xtra-Guard 2

Posted on Monday, February 16, 2015 by Hillary Riden

Xtra-Guard 2 is a heavy-duty cable that features a specially formulated, rugged polyurethane jacket which has three times the tear and abrasion resistance of ordinary PVC.  Abrasion resistance is the ability of a material to resist surface wear and tear caused by mechanical abuse. Demanding industrial applications require the highest level of abrasion resistance so cabling does not fail in mission critical scenarios.  Often times in these types of application, a line being down is extremely costly.  For example, there are about 60 million Hershey’s kisses made in a day, 2.5 million every hour, 42,000 every minute.  If a cable with inferior abrasion resistance is chosen and fails, you could see how costly this downtime could be (…and we’d never want a shortage of Hershey kisses).

The rigors of the plant floor can be extremely tough on cabling posing the threat of cut-through and erosion. With its rugged jacket material, UV light resistance, NFPA 79 standard for industrial machinery and moderate to high resistance to most oils, solvents, chemicals and fuels, Xtra-Guard 2 is hazard matched to stand up in applications like CNC machine centers, Automotive assembly plant operations, Military ground support systems, Packaging machinery, Petrochemical plant operations, Geophysical exploration equipment, among others.

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