Kits, kits, and more kits

Posted on Wednesday, June 17, 2015 by Kimberly Versaw

Need heat-shrink tubing in a variety of colors and sizes? Our FIT Kits are the solution!  These kits are great resources for use in R&D labs, engineering development, and maintenance departments. These kits provide heat-shrink tubing is various sizes and colors in pre-cut pieces up to 6".   In addition to tubing, our FIT-MGKIT-1 comes with a FIT MINIGUN so you can have everything you need to test our product at your fingertips.  We offer our kits in a variety of colors, sizes, shrink ratios and materials. 

Additionally we have hook-up wire kits that contain 100ft spools of PVC hook-up wire.  These kits have been designed for use by technicians, engineers, and designers in the R&D lab or maintenance shop.  Each kit contains a stripping tool and five spools of hook-up wire in a unique, rack-mounted, transparent dispensing tube.  The tube and rack system helps keep the hook-up wire neat, clean, and conveniently at hand.


Try a FIT Kit or Hook-Up Wire kit today!


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