The Perfect Insulation Material, Does it Exist?

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 by Paige DiAntonio

I’ve often heard the saying “opposites attract” when talking about people and relationships.  The polarity of personalities can bring two people together as a happy couple.  The same saying can apply to the wire and cable industry, in regards to conductors and insulation material.

Insulation is defined as material having a good dielectric property that has a high resistance (known as resistivity) to the flow of electric current.  However, similar to the idea that there is no “perfect” man or woman in the world, the same condition applies to insulation because even insulators can carry small numbers of mobile chargers. Despite an insulation’s minor flaws, insulation material is crucial in supporting and separating electric conductors without allowing currents through themselves. 

Insulation separates conductors both electrically and physically within a cable.  Nevertheless, conductors conduct electric currents freely, while insulators do not.  Together insulators and conductors make up the fundamentals of functioning wire and cable.  The common materials used today for insulation are thermoplastics along with fluorocarbons and thermosets.


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