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From the factory floor to process control, the Alpha Wire Industrial Series (AWIS) cable line is well suited to the widest range of industrial applications. We offer a range of cables for general needs such as control wiring in both stationary and moving components. We also offer application-specific configurations for use with drives, servo systems, and factory protocols.

AWIS cables are crafted for rugged, reliable performance in your industrial applications. They are designed to handle even your toughest applications, whether your need is continuous flexing, superior oil and chemical resistance, or excellent mechanical and electrical performance. Choose the AWIS cable with the right properties for your application.

Typical applications include:

  • High-flexibility applications
  • Factory equipment interconnects
  • Robotics 
  • Machine tools 
  • Automotive assembly equipment 
  • Conveyor systems
  • Control panels 
  • Transfer shuttles 
  • Solar farms 
  • Automated pick-and-place systems 
  • PLC controlled equipment
  • Automated handling systems
  • Control/monitoring of speed and position in servo systems
Types of Alpha Wire Industrial Series Cable
  • Series XM

    Featuring a premium-grade PVC jacket, Series XM Flex Control Cable is the ideal choice for medium-to-high-flex applications.

  • Series F

    Continuous flex control cable for high-flex cable track applications.

  • Series M

    Ideal for stationary cable trays.

  • Series P

    Enhanced flexibility and routability for cable trays.

  • Series SF

    Design specifically for servo motors and servo drives. Series SF provides added flexibility.

  • Series V

    Optimized for variable-frequency drives (VFDs).

  • Series V-Flex

    CSA-Rated Flexible VFD Cable