EcoGen™ Products are the next generation of eco-friendly, high-performance wire and cable designed to provide better performance, in a smaller package.

All EcoGen products contain no halogens, phthalates or heavy metals. Their innovative mPPE insulation and jacket materials allow them to meet RoHS and WEE Requirements for the elimination of hazardous substances and recyclability.


EcoWire Benefits compared to Standard PVC Hook-Up Wire:

  • Up to 45% smaller diameter
  • Up to 40% lighter

EcoWire Plus Benefits compared to XLPE Hook-Up Wire:

  • Up to 30% smaller diameter
  • Up to 15% lighter
  • Excellent resistance to hazardous fluids

Types of EcoGen™
  • Metric EcoWire®

    Metric EcoWire is Smaller. Lighter. 100% Recyclable.

  • EcoWire®

    EcoWire is a revolutionary hook-up wire that is smaller and lighter than traditional PVC hook-up wire. 100% recyclable, EcoWire is also up to 45% smaller and 40% lighter than PVC.

  • EcoWire® Plus

    EcoWire Plus is the latest innovation in hook-up wire. EcoWire Plus offers all of the environmental benefits of standard EcoWire, plus additional fluid and chemical resistance. Whether you need to meet strict environmental regulations or require a smaller, more durable wire, EcoWire Plus is the solution.