Hook-Up Wire Kits:

Hook-Up Wire kits contain an assortment of 100FT spools of PVC HUW with options in both mil-spec & UL/CSA, and a stripping tool. 

These kits have been designed for use by technicians, engineers, and designers in the R&D lab or maintenance shop.  Each kit contains a stripping tool and five spools of hook-up wire in a unique, rack-mounted, transparent dispensing tube.  The tube and rack system helps keep the hook-up wire neat, clean, and conveniently at hand.

hook up wire kit components

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  Part # Voltage AWG Stranding Insulation Thickness Nominal Diameter Insulation Material Applicable Specifications
HUKIT10 1000  22  7/30  0.016  0.064  PVC  MIL-W-76B TYPE MW 
HUKIT20 300  22  7/30  0.016  0.065  PVC  CSA TR 64, UL 1007, UL 1569 
HUKIT30 1000  24  7/32  0.016  0.059  PVC  MIL-W-76B TYPE MW 
HUKIT40 300  24  7/32  0.016  0.057  PVC  CSA TR 64, UL 1007, UL 1569